Housing First Series

In my previous post I started to unpack some of the intricacies of housing first. What I hope this highlighted was that although housing first is an overall effective model, there is still some work to do in terms of refining what it means for sub-populations of people experiencing homelessness. So, over the next several weeks I want to start to unpack what we know and what we don’t know about Housing First for the following populations:

  1. Those with mental health challenges;
  2. Youth;
  3. The chronically homeless;
  4. Those with addictions;
  5. Aboriginal peoples;
  6. Older adults;
  7. Those leaving the justice system;
  8. Families;
  9. Women.

I have purposely ordered these in terms of those populations where we have the most work to guide us to date, to those where we have the least. In each post I will explore what we already know in terms of best practices for housing first, and what we need to know more about.

Housing First

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