Next Meeting: April 21st

I wanted to let you know that our next meeting will be happening on Thursday, April 21st, at 6:30pm, at the Victoria Tavern (466 South St).

At this meeting we will be hearing updates from the Creative Arts Sub-Committee, the Mental Health Sub-Committee, the Faith Community Engagement sub-committee, as well as updates on projects including street-level health care and World Homeless Day (October 10th).

I would like to note in particular the work of the Creative Arts Sub-Committee, and let you know that we are working to partner on a magazine that will feature the writing, art, and photography of people who are experiencing homelessness in London.  A very exciting initiative!  Much thanks to Kelly McConnell of Grit Uplifted, of the London InterCommunity Health Centre (

Also, just a heads-up that ‘Soup ‘N Bread’ lunch, an event that happens a couple times each year to raise awareness in London around homelessness, is happening next on Friday April 15th, at the Covent Garden Market Square, 11am-1pm.  Leave your lunch at home, and bring a couple co-workers down for soup and bread.

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