Thank you, Mayor Fontana

thank-youAfter hours and hours of public participation and engagement, several debate sessions, hundreds of pages of paper, and much media attention, Mayor Fontana has relented on his campaign promise of 4 years of 0% and decided instead to focus on job creation.  I have mentioned previously that stimulus spending and austerity cuts are at odds (which are basically representative of his two campaign promises), and that seems to have become clear.  In trying to do more respectful politics, the one thing I have encouraged is that citizens put as much effort into thanking politicians when they support our endeavours as we do in expressing concern when in opposition.  Therefore, the following is an email I sent to the Mayor.  I hope you too will consider taking a brief moment to thank him.

Mayor Fontana,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your decision shared in the budget discussion last night to relinquish the pursuit of the 0% tax increase.  In my mind, the service cuts required to get there were too great a price to pay, and I believe that the public participation around the budget shows I’m not alone in this.  Thank you for hearing us.  I know that budgets are very contentious and citizen feedback pulls in all directions.  Thank you for making the decision that clearly was supported by the majority of Council to provide City departments with the funds they need to do an excellent job.

Have a great weekend.

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