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  1. I’m always heartened by Abe’s optimism. In this case, I agree, but with a caveat. I think it’s a waste of time to try and change the views of this council. The best use of time and resources is spent in recruiting great candidates to defeat the “Fontana 8.” It’s not too early to start raising money and profiles.

  2. I agree 100% that we should not “cut taxes” on the backs of the “poor” however, I do not agree with how costly municipal, provincial and federal governments are in Ontario. We simply pay too much for education, policing, fire and numerous unionized government organizations. Everybody thinks it is good idea to help the “poor” as long their wages and pensions are not cut. Why does a teacher need to be paid over $90,000 per year plus enjoy benefits that no one else has? We need scale back the size of government so we can adequately help those in need in our community.

    • It’s a good point about the costs of government, Dave. You’ll notice in my previous post I propose a budget that comes in lower than what staff suggested. The complexity comes from how we get there and where the best places to scale back may be. For example, you mentioned teachers, but we don’t have the mechanisms to just go in and scale them back by 10% (and I’m not sure if we did, that this would be the best mode). 0% salary increases is an option, which they have been doing provincially, but I particularly like some of the Drummond recommendations they have been implementing such as not subsidizing drugs for wealthy seniors and scaling back physician fees.

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