London Homelessness Outreach Network

In spreading the word around town about homelessness and the surrounding issues, I found myself constantly approached by people who were interested in taking some kind of action. This happened often enough that I started taking names and email addresses, and in the spring a group of 12 of us got together to talk about what we could do. This led to some community consultations through the summer, which further increased interest. Now at over 35 members, we have decided to formally create the London Homelessness Outreach Network. I’m putting together a website right now, and it will detail some of our current projects as well as future plans. So stay tuned, this is a very exciting time for me and for others in town who are seeking positive change.

One thought on “London Homelessness Outreach Network

  1. Abe,
    I would really like to be involed with the group. After having my community nursing rotation with streetlights I can defineltly see the need.
    Thanks for meeting with us about a month ago it was very helpful to the group.

    Keep up the great work


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