A Multitude of Challenges

I have often mentioned that there are myriad issues that are involved when looking at homelessness.  This reflection is echoed in a recent report by the Highland Users Group, a group of mental health consumer survivors located in the UK.  In their report “Homelessness and Mental Health: An Account of some of the Main Issues we Face” they outline some of the issues as follow:

  1. Frequent experiences of exploitation and abuse
  2. Being stigmatized as criminals by the Police
  3. Being victims of crime
  4. Being unable to find employment
  5. Lacking supportive housing
  6. Experiencing Social Isolation
  7. Suffering Addiction
  8. After effects of being discharged from acute care mental health to homelessness
  9. Losing housing due to symptoms of mental illness
  10. Negative attitudes amongst the general public
  11. Limited resoureces in rural Areas
  12. Lack of access to primary health care
  13. Lack of support for migrant workers
  14. Many are escaping family violence
  15. Low housing stock
  16. Young homeless people cannot obtain life skills
  17. Mainstream health services should be available to all.

Looking at a list like this can be demoralizing, with so many issues one wonders if positive change can be achieved.  However, I also look at it positively, in that there are so many issues that there must be at least one that we can take action on right now.

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