World Homeless Action Day Recap

Great things can happen when groups of people dream together, and Oct 10th was a great day in London.  The London Homeless Outreach Network was tasked by the London Homeless Coalition to run our local event for World Homeless Action Day.  We got together and started dreaming about what we could do to raise awareness about the affordable housing crisis in London.  We had a challenge in that the 10th was a holiday, so wanted to do something with a media impact rather than attracting passer-bys.  We landed on building a cardboard condo.

The idea had great support, with donations from 3M, Hudson Boatworks, Vortex Visual, Mission Services of London, and the Sisters of St Joseph.  We decided to really play up the day, creating a fake development company with a website, and playing roles he day of.  We had a great turn out for the day, with as many as 60 people at one time, and with many coming and going.  With all the support, we managed to create a large structure in a short period of time, having ground breaking and ribbon cutting ceremonies on the same day.

We had great coverage in the Western News, London Community News, CBC Radio, and CTV London.  There will also be a photographic presentation and video presentation created.  As well, the co-lead on the project, Jeremy Jeresky  is going to put our materials together and is convinced it can be turned into a gallery show.

Now the hard part is going to be how we top this next year!  [Photos courtesy of Jess Shields photography.]

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