Two Upcoming Events

1. October 10th is World Homeless Action Day.  In partnership with the London Homeless Coalition, we will be hosting an event from 11am-2:30pm in the parking lot of Museum London.  This will be a performance art/public awareness activity, during which we will create a housing development out of cardboard.  The purpose is to raise awareness regarding the lack of affordable housing in London, and hopefully generate some press.  To make this all happen, we need you to volunteer some time!  It’s Thanksgiving Monday, I know, but we will be wrapping up mid-afternoon.  So, if you can help us out on October 10th, please save the date and let Jeremy Jeresky ( the project lead know.

2. In partnership with the Youth Action Centre of Youth Opprotunities Unlimited, we will be hosting a running group for homeless youth.  We are currently looking for financial donations in order to purchase socks for our runners; Runner’s Choice has already been kind enough to provide us with 30 pairs of shoes.  If you want to help out with the group, or can help with purchasing socks, please contact the project lead, Alexis Chadwick (, and let her know.

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