Supporting Children

I have had the privilege of hearing the personal stories of many, many people who are experiencing homelessness. I am always thankful when people open up their lives to me, and share their wisdom. In all the stories I have heard, one of the common themes is that people trace the threads back to difficult childhood experiences. Physical violence; sexual violence; emotional violence; poverty; neglect. However, although this is the root of so many issues, this is also where we as a society are least effective in injecting supports. The home is sacred, it is private, and it is very difficult to gain entry to help children who need it.

I consider services in our community that help families and children as truly effective means of preventing poverty and homelessness. This is why this year I am choosing to support Childreach through their Colour Fun Run. I participate in a lot of charitable runs and rides, and so choose just one each year for some focused fundraising. The resources that Childreach provides to help struggling families deserve our support.

So, I hope you will choose to support me. Rather than just running the 5k, I will be running the course for the duration of the hour that it is open. My goal is to run 12.5 kms, 10 laps of the course, in an hour.

To be a part of this, please support me at I thank you in advance for your generosity!


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