So You Want to Talk to Your Councillor

Apologies to my non-London readers, but I need to do one more post related to our municipal politics and the plan to reduce our annual investment in affordable housing from $2M to $1M.  A number of you have asked what you can do about the situation, so here are a couple of options:

Firstly, the issue is covered in this and this post, but in a nutshell this has both economic implications as housing attracts investment into the city at a rate of $7 to each $1 we spend, and more importantly has implications for people experiencing homelessness, as housing is the only known cure to homelessness.  The proposed shift to accompany this cut is to move away from permanent housing supports to temporary ones, at a time when we already have 4300 families on the wait list for affordable housing.

If you would like to let your City Council know how you feel about the proposed cut to investment in affordable housing, you can find their email at, and be sure to cc so that you message is included in the meeting agenda.

Another simple route for feedback is the survey that has been posted by Councillor Paul Hubert, which can be accessed at

Lastly, this whole issue has arisen out of the drive to get to a 0% tax increase.  If you feel that you would rather pay for services than make cuts at the expense of those living in poverty, you can complete and mail in the attached MTIR1 form created by James Shelley.

Thank you for caring for people experiencing poverty.

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